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Sonorous Objects SO.100 Series Furry Windshield by Rode

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This rugged furry windshield, from Rode, works with the SO.101, SO.103, and SO.104 Microphones. The furry windshield features an open-cell foam surround and an acoustically transparent artificial fur outer layer. Its rubber base prevents wind from entering at the rear of the mic capsule, further minimizing unwanted extraneous environmental conditions.



Compatible With

SO.101 Omni Microphone

SO.103 Cardioid Microphone

SO.104 Ultrasonic Microphone


This windshield also fits other microphones with a diameter of 20mm and a capsule depth of 27mm.

Please note that this Windshield is not compatible with SO.1, SO.2, SO.3, SO.4 microphones