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About Us

Sonorous Objects started out as a passion project by a particular New York architect aimed to fulfill a single goal : to further one's engagement with sound via design and sensorial experience. We are equally excited about the sound that our microphone makes when it snaps into its clip, as we are about the physical touch of the materials, as we are about the sound captured by the microphone itself. Within this singular goal, are principles that anchor and drive our products, interests, and developments :

  • To develop and provide sonorous objects that facilitate users experience and interaction with sound.
  • To provide products that fill current needs/demand in field recording and sound capture communities. 
  • To provide high quality and honest solutions to sonic needs. Materials and components used are sustainably focused and locally (US) sourced to the extent possible.
  • To continue research and development of what it means to engage sonically with one’s environment. To continue research to improve this relationship.
  • To provide educational material regarding the technology and philosophy behind each product.
  • To provide a sense of community through resources, design, user recording contribution and discussion.This is currently set up through the resource wiki at
  • To design, develop, and fabricate all of our offerings internally.


We are proud that all of our objects are made by hand here in NYC and are designed and fabricated in-house. As such, we welcome custom orders and unique design solutions upon request.